Knock Some Socks Off With a Custom Song Plaque

Knock Some Socks Off With a Custom Song Plaque

Are gifts your love language? Or maybe do you struggle with finding the perfect gift? Either way, you’re about to add a gift to your list that is going to knock some socks off!

Our custom laser engraved QR Code Song Plaques make the perfect gift for, quite literally, any occasion. 

Photo of an acrylic plaque that has a photo of a baby and white laser engraved markings on with a song name, artist name, and a back, play, and forward buttons that makes it look like a music player on a mobile app. Acrylic plaque also has a scannable QR code that you can scan with your camera phone and have a song play. The acrylic plaque sits in a small wood stand that is engraved with the name “Isabella Mae”.

Just got married? Song plaque. Celebrating a new addition to the fam? Song plaque. Remembering a past loved one? Song plaque. Made it to 10 years of marriage without killing each other? Song plaque. Want to celebrate your dog's birthday? Also song plaque approved

Ok so now you’re convinced you need a song plaque. But what IS it? This magical thing that’s the perfect gift for every occasion?

Our custom laser engraved Song Plaques are modeled to look like a mobile app music platform and are even scannable so you can listen to your fav song whenever you want!

We take ⅛” thick acrylic and laser engrave it with a song that is special to you and instead of engraving the time of the song, we engrave a special date in a MM:DD and YY:YY format and include a scannable QR code that links to whatever music platform you prefer to listen to your music on! 

We finish it off with a 4x6 photo we print for you and attach to the acrylic so you have all the little bits of a memory in one permanent spot. You opt to add on a blank or laser engraved wood stand to display your plaque! We opted for a standard 8x10 size so if you choose not to add on the wood stand, it will it in a picture frame to hang on a wall instead!

Photo shows multiple clear acrylic plaques displayed on wood stands that have photos of couples who just got married and a photo of a baby. Each plaque has laser engraved markings on it that has a song, date, a forward, play, and back button, and a QR code that is scannable with your camera phone.

You can buy yours today and send it off to someone you love or snag one for yourself to remember a special day/moment/time!

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