A rectangular wood board, which light and dark grain, that is laser engraved with a handwritten recipe, laying on a dark green eucalyptus garland and a brown butcher paper back drop.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas - Handwritten Recipe Board

If you're really wanting to give a personal but simple gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, a birthday, or just because, our Handwritten Recipe Board is a top choice!

5 rectangular, wood cutting boards, with skinny handles that have leather ties, are displayed on a wood table against a grey wainstcoating background. Each cutting board has a handwritten recipe laser engraved on it.


We are able to take a handwritten recipe, whether it's Grandma's Apple Pie or your Dad's Spaghetti Bolognese, work a little magic and voila - we've made this special recipe a permanent keepsake.

We use beautiful Beech wood board imported from Serbia and our commercial lasers to ensure quality engraving that will last a lifetime. 

All we need is a clear photo of your recipe, which we recommend taking next to a window. Natural light is going to be your friend if you have a well loved recipe. You can upload your photo directly to our website before you check out, too!

Image shows steps on how to take a clear photo of a handwritten recipe for a handwritten recipe board. First photo shows the correct way to take a photo of your recipe - next to a window with good natural light. Second photo shows that you should get as close to the recipe as you can so there is nothing in the background or on the edges of the photo. Third photo shows a dark setting and how that is not a good way to get a clear photo. fourth image shows a hand holding an iPhone too far away from the recipe so there is not a clear upclose photo of the recipe that is needed.

We'll then spend a few days working our magic (the more well loved, the more magic has to happen), and send you a layout proof to ensure that your gift is perfect. Once approved, we'll send it into production and once engraved, your board will get an oil bath to seal the wood and help keep it healthy!

We add on a leather tie to complete the look and off your board goes to either you or the lucky gift recipient! We recommend that these board are used for display only as use can cause wear and tear of the engraving over time.

Image shows a side view of 9 rectangular cutting boards stacked on top of each other. The photo highlights the handle and leather tie that is attached by a hole at the top of the handle

You'll be able to read up on more information on our product listing, which you can find here.

Have more questions about our Handwritten Recipe Boards? Send us an email via our Contact Form and we'll follow up with you!

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