About Us



The Wrights
Howdy, friends! My name is Caitlin and my husband, Brian, and I are the people behind Coated & Engraved! We are your designers, engravers, customer service, and shipping and receiving - really anything that a small business entails. Hank Lloyd Wright, the Shop Dog, helps with designs and ideas too!

The Why
Gifts are my primary Love Language! I love giving and receiving gifts to show my love and appreciation for our people. Anytime our people had something to celebrate, we would scour the internet for gifts that fit “them” and 9 times out of 10, we came up empty handed or disappointed.  The quality wasn't awesome, and to be totally honest, most of the products sucked. Like the start of many other small businesses, we took matters into our own hands. We started designing and producing our own gifts to give to our people with the goal of providing gifts that don't suck!

Coated & Engraved
So here we are, a year later, creating designed gifts for you to give to your people. Whether you're looking to send a friend something special just because you're a, bride or groom hoping to spoil your bridal party with gifts they'll use and remember forever, or a realtor wanting to curate something special for clients when they close on their new house, we are here for you!